Road 85/784 Interchange

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Red line - Light Train Tel Aviv

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Jerusalem entrance - Shazar parking lot

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Highway 531 - Ra'ananna South

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The world Jewish Museum

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Route 35 (Kiryat Gat)

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Highway 5 - Rosh HaAyin

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Zrifin area neighborhoods - Rishon Lezion

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Dan Region National Sewage Project

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Q Line restoration

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AY pumping station

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AY Sewage Line

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Beer Sheva's vacuum sewage line

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Ayalon pumping station

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Reservoir and pumping station for Raanana treated wastewater

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Kfar-Saba Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Ra'anana wastewater facility

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The Beer Sheva Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Herzliya's Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Herzliya Park

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Menahem Begin Park (Darom Park)

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The Israeli Conservatory of Music

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The Suzanne Dellal center

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Highway 44 - 208 level seperator

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Ayalon H.W - Route 20

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Ayalon H.W Wolfson Interchange

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Kaplan St. underpass

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La Guardia and Hamasger Grade Separation

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Highway no. 3 expansion

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Jerusalem- TLV fast track train

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Ra'anana north interchange

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Highway 10

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Highway 9

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Ayalon H.W - Hel-Hashiryon

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Ayalon H.W – Holon

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Ayalon H.W - Yoseftal interchange

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Ayalon H.W - Dov Hoz

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Ayalon H.W - Beit Ha’Biluim

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Herzliya Hills

The project to rehabilitate municipal landfill and sludge in one of the last land reserves in Herzliya is a unique innovative project that combines advanced environmental technologies with earthworks and civil engineering.

The project was...

Herzliya drainage tunnel

Every winter, the Basa Area in Herzliya, located along the east side of the eolianite coastal limestone along Highway no. 2, would be flooded by the rain. The Municipality of Herzilya ordered a plan for a tunnel that would gather the rain water...

Highway no. 9

Highway no. 9 (An east-west axis road, south of Hadera, connecting Highway no. 2 and Highway no. 6), ordered by Israeli Roads Company.

The company coordinates the contacts with the different planning administrations, such as the National...

Four main cities in Albania

The company participates in a planning team for the four main cities in Albania, ordered by the national bank.

The Jerusalem Express Railway Project

The Jerusalem Express Railway Project – the company escorts the project and is responsible for achieving required approvals by the different National Outline Plans, the Fundamental Issues Planning Committee and the National Council. It is also...

Israel second international airport

Examining sites for a second international airport in Israel, (in cooperation with architect Rafi Lerman), ordered by the Israel Airports Authority and the Planning Administration.

Ashdod Port outline plan

An outline plan for the development of the Ashdod Port, ordered by the Israel Ports Authority.

Tel Aviv Regional Outline Plan 5

A master plan for the development of the Tel-Aviv metropolis, ordered by the Ministry of Interior, and a Regional Outline Plan for the Tel-Aviv region, Regional Outline Plan 5.

Israel's beach waters program

Creation of a coastal water management program in Israel for the Planning Administration of the Ministry of the Interior.

National Outline plan 35

National Outline plan 35. A comprehensive National Outline Plan for the overall development of the State of Israel up to the year of 2020, ordered by the Planning Administration in the Ministry of Interior

Nuriut neighborhood

Construction of an infrastructure system for the construction of a new neighborhood that includes residential buildings, public areas, public buildings, commercial buildings and a wide park.

The neighborhood includes 3500 residential units and...

Narkisim neighborhood

Construction of an infrastructure system for the construction of a new neighborhood that includes residential buildings, public areas, public buildings, commercial buildings and a wide park.

The neighborhood includes 4000 residential units and...

Route No. 85 (Karmiel)

Arranging Route No. 85 in the section of Karmiel (East) until Nahal Amud Junction to a two-track, two-lane highway with the length of approx. 15 km.

The project will include the following works:
Construction of Road No. 85 in the section of...

The Sgula Geha Sewage Collector Pipeline

A sewage collector pipeline for the Tel-Aviv metropolis wastewater, 2.5 km in length and 1.5 meters in diameter, was constructed in Petah-Tikva's Sgula Area.

The project was ordered by the Dan Regional Association for Environmental...

Ashdod vacuum pipeline

A main vacuum pipeline, 40 inches in diameter and 7 kilometers in length, was constructed, and a 50 meter bridge was built above the Lachish Stream, to allow the pipeline to cross the stream.

The unique bridge met the requirements of the...

pumping stations

As part of the East Collector Pipeline Project, three main sewage pumping stations were constructed. In order to ensure their proper function, two substations were constructed in each station, the second being a "mirror image" of the first.

Tel Giborim park

As part of the Ministry of Transport's commitment to the residents, after the construction of the Ayalon South route, the amusement park park was established on the roof of the tunnel.

The park is the main meeting point for Tel Giborim...

Treated wastewater of Eilat

This project was built for the purpose of using the city of Eilat's treated wastewater for irrigating agricultural areas in the southern Aravah Desert, which are distributed along the Aravah road, about 36 kilometers from Eilat.

Construction waste transition site

This project is located close to the Holon Junction, beside the southbound Ayalon Highway. It is an authorized site for collecting construction waste from the city of Tel-Aviv and moving it to burial sites.

It replaces a non-authorized site...

Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the towns and villages in the center of the Sharon region, and the city of Kalansawa.

As the plant was under construction, the original plan was changed and adapted to on-site conditions. The plant is...

Reservoir and pumping station for Ashkelon treated wastewater

Following the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon, and in order to operate it, a sealed reservoir with 100,000 cubic meters was constructed, with a pumping station and a 5 kilometer pipeline.

Ashkelon Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

A central Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Ashkeon, including a line from the city to the plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon was constructed in the midst of orchards, on the border of a natural reservation, north of...

Dimona wastewater facility

This facility was both planned and constructed by the company for the municipality of Dimona.

The plant was designed to treat the city's wastewater, including the wastewater of the Kitan Dimona factory, a volume of 11,000 cubic meters of...

Haifa Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant

Doubling the Haifa Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant, which treats a population of more than one million people.

The project includes a doubling of the size of the institute, an addition of advanced purification systems, filtration devices,...

Ashdod Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ashdod Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed to handle the city's wastewater, about 49,000 cubic meters per day.

The institute operates in the activated sludge method, and contains, among other things, energy saving systems, which make...

A residential neighborhood in Ashkelon

A residential neighborhood of 13,000 residential units was constructed.

Urban infrastructures such as roads, sidewalks, water, sewage, drainage, electricity, lighting, telephone, parks and educational institutes, were developed as well.

General residential construction

General residential construction
• 300 residential units in Rishon-Lezion.
• 200 residential units in Eilat.
• 68 residential units in the Hamishtala neighborhood, Tel-Aviv.
• 250 residential units in the Em Hamoshavot neighborhood,...

General industrial construction

General industrial construction
• 3 high-tech buildings on 30,000 square meters, in Petah-Tikva.
• A light industry building on 20,000 square meters, in Yavne.
• 2 high-tech buildings on 20,000 square meters, in Kfar-Saba.
• 3 clean...

Modiin residential area

465 residential units were built in the city of Modiin. Urban infrastructures such as roads, sidewalks, water, sewage, drainage, electricity, lighting, telephone and parks were developed.

The southern Kfar-Saba industrial area

An industrial park over an area of 100,000 square meters, with 120,000 square meters of construction.

Kfar-Saba residential neighborhood

340 residential units were built, and the entire urban infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, water, sewage, drainage, electricity, telephone, parks and educational institutions was developed.

Nof Hamifratz residential neighborhood

This neighborhood in the city of Eliat includes 150 residential units in fifteen different buildings, as well as an underground area.

The company has conducted this project after winning a Ministry of Construction and Housing Bid for it.

Ness-Ziona industrial building

Spreading on and area of 10,000 square meters, this building was constructed in the city of Ness-Ziona to serve clean industry companies.

Kfar-Saba high-tech buildings

On a total area of 40,000 square meters, two buildings designated for high-tech companies were constructed in the city of Kfar-Saba.

The Petah-Tikva Zoo

Spreading over an area of 12,000 square meters, The Petah-Tikva Zoo (Hai Gan in Hebrew) and the neighboring Zoological Museum, were marvelously designed in a unique style.

The cages and safety facilities allow close interaction with the...

Hamishtala neighborhood in Tel-Aviv

This project established the Hamishtala neighborhood in Tel-Aviv, 13,000 residential units in size. Infrastructure development for a large urban neighborhood, i.e. roads, sidewalks, water, sewage, drainage, electricity, lighting and telephone...

Ganei-Tikva residential neighborhood

A residential neighborhood in Ganei-Tikva with 500 residential units was constructed, and its area development. The project was green in orientation. Water and sewage systems were separated, local wastewater treatment facilities were assembled...

Dan Metropolitan main Fire station

A central fire station for the Gush Dan metropolis (Tel-Aviv and its surrounding cities) was constructed, including offices, dormitories, warehouses, ballroom, ballroom balcony, emergency vehicle parking lots, garages and observation and training...

The Dizengoff Square fountain

This fountain, which combines water, fire and music, was designed by the international artist Yaacov Agam and presented in the Tel-Aviv Dizengoff Square as a tourist attraction.

At the time, there was a public debate about the necessity and...

The Tel Aviv Rubin Museum

When the famous Israeli painter Reuven Rubin had passed away in 1972, his house, as well as 45 of his paintings, were donated to the Tel-Aviv municipality.

In 1983, as part of the program for preservation of buildings from the city's early...

Petah-Tikvah residential neighborhood

A residential neighborhood was built in the city of Petah-Tikvah, including 500 residential units and adjacent development, in the total cost of NIS 156 million ($45 million).

The management and supervision works consisted of:

Preparing a...

Ha'Yarkon Park

In an attempt to improve the Tel-Aviv metropolis green lung, a decision was made to improve the Yarkon Park in the north of Tel-Aviv, 3,000,000 square meters in area, by adding unique gardens with touristic value.

The following gardens were...

Neve-Ofer community center

This community center is located in the midst of southern Tel-Aviv neighborhood Neve-Ofer (Tel-Kabir). Constructed under the Neighborhood Rehabilitation Project, it was a first signifier of the city's willingness to invest in that area.


Neve Zemer neighborhood

The Neve Zemer neighborhood, with a total area of 816 Km^2, is the last land reserve in the city of Ra’anana.

The neighborhood is a green neighborhood with 3,500 residential units, public buildings, urban parks and public parks.


Conzol Yedioth Aharonot – a service way to Azrieli Center

Over the Ayalon Highway, along the 100 meters between the Noah Moses Bridge and the Azrieli center, the company constructed a service road to the Azrieli Center, which would serve as an additional entrance to the center.

This will be useful...

Achad Haam Street

The company conducted and supervised reconstruction works in Tel-Aviv Achad Haam St., replacing sewage, drainage, water, lighting, telephone and electricity systems, and paving the entire sidewalks and road.

The Tel-Aviv Basel Parking Lot

In this project, the company has built an underground parking lot in underground water conditions, under an active city road, moving and reconstructing complex urban infrastructure. In addition, it constructed an urban square of high level...

Tel-Aviv Hapil Interchange

This interchange was constructed in the junction of Moshe Sneh and Bnei Efraim Streets in Tel-Aviv, also known as Hapil Junction.

A ground-level bridge was built, with an arched underpass underneath it, from the north of Moshe Sneh St....

Expansion of the Noah Moses Bridge

The existing Noah Moses Bridge runs above the Ayalon Highways on the east-west axis, and includes one lane in each direction. The Noah Moses Bridge Expansion Project will add one more lane on each direction, as well as expanding the entire...

The Kirya Boulevard in Tel-Aviv

This project offered transportation solutions along the Narmir Rd. – Petah-Tikvah Rd. axis, for improving its level of service and accessibility to future projects that are planned along it. Urban design and looks were emphasized as well.

Nur – Kafumann

The company conducted and supervised the reconstruction works in Tel-Aviv Nur and Kafumnann Streets, replacing the sewage, drainage, water, lighting and telephone systems, and paving the entire sidewalks and roads.

Lincoln St.

The company conducted and supervised the reconstruction works in Tel-Aviv Lincoln St., replacing the sewage, drainage, water, lighting, telephone and electricity systems, and paving the sidewalks and road along the entire street.

Arvey Nachal – Aliyat Hanoar

The company conducted and supervised the reconstruction works in Arvey Nachal St. and Aliyat Hanoar St. in Tel-Aviv and Givatayim, replacing the sewage, drainage, water, lighting, telephone and electricity systems, and paving the sidewalks and...

Highway 9 - level seperators

Project of paving a wide road for the regulation of longitudinal roads.

The project includes leveling separations through interchanges at the intersection between Highway 9 and the longitudinal routes - Road 4 and Highway 6.

Highway No. 1 - Hemed-Sakharov

The upgrade of Highway No. 1 in the section between Hemed and Sakharov is part of the project to upgrade Highway No. 1 in the section between Sha'ar Hagai interchange and Sakharov.

The project includes adding a third lane along the way, adding...

The Nitzana Bridge - route 211

Construction of a bridge on Route 211, 200 meters long and 15 meters wide in an expedited process.

The bridge was built on a short schedule and was designed to replace an existing bridge.

Yavneh interchange - 2nd stage

Construction of a main interchange above Highway 4 connecting the city of Yavneh with the national road system.

The project included the construction of a bridge over Highway 4, the paving of connecting ramps, landscape development, relocation...

volovelsky loop

Construction of a curved tunnel under the Begin road in Tel Aviv, coming from Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak and Givatayim to the northern CBD area.

The project included a tunnel for vehicles, a tunnel for pedestrians, relocation of metropolitan...

Be'er Ya'akov - level seperation

Construction of a sunken interchange to separate vehicles and trains.

The project included the construction of bridges, retaining walls, water infrastructure, sewage, drainage, electricity and communications. Paving, marking and traffic signs,...

Beit Gamliel - level separation

Construction of a level separation over Highway 410 and a railway track, while regulating the entrance to Beit Gamliel settlement and the adjacent industrial zone

Carlibach - HaHeshmonaim

Upgrading all wet infrastructure, electricity and communication infrastructure, development work and paving work on Carlibach and HaHeshmonaim St. in Tel Aviv.