Ayalon H.W – Holon

The project was planned as part of the “Ayalon South” project – the continuation of Highway 20 into a highway between Hel Ha’shiryon interchange in the north, the Holot interchange in the south, and the evacuation of a strip for the railway line to Rishon Lezion.


The work included construction of a new bridge to the SB track of the Ayalon Highway, as well as building a new bridge for the train, which was carried out between the two existing bridges of the road.


The work also included the completion of the construction of a new SB road connecting to and from the road bridge, as well as new ramps that connect to the new SB track.


In addition, supporting walls were constructed between the ramps and the SB track, as well as retaining walls that separate the routes of the road and the railway line between them.