Ayalon H.W – Hel-Hashiryon

The “Hel-Hashiryon Interchange” project was planned as part of the “Ayalon South” project – the completion of Highway 20 to a highway between the Sha’ar HaShiryon interchange in the north and Holot interchange in the south.


The existing historic interchange included two adjacent bridges on which the two highways of Highway 20 (Ayalon South) pass. In order to evacuate the strip to the railway that runs between the two highways, the existing NB route was diverted eastward.


For this purpose, the NB bridge was moved to the east, and in it stead a new railway bridge was built.

In addition, a new NB route was connected to and from the bridge, as well as new ramps connecting to the new NB route and the existing intersection.


The work included the construction of walls along the border between the railway and the Ayalon routes, including building acoustic barriers on the walls.