Petah-Tikvah residential neighborhood

A residential neighborhood was built in the city of Petah-Tikvah, including 500 residential units and adjacent development, in the total cost of NIS 156 million ($45 million).

The management and supervision works consisted of:

Preparing a program together with the client’s marketing department.
Setting up an internet website for the management of the project, and maintaining it for the duration of the project.
Managing and coordinating the planning.
Preparing contracts for planners and approving planners’ bills.
Taking care of all bureaucracy with the Israeli Electricity Company, the national phone company (Bezeq), the local authority etc, until a construction permit was achieved.
Preparing a contractor’s bid for the execution of the project, analyzing contractor’s offers, negotiating and choosing the winning contractor together with the client.
Supervising the works on site.
Approving contractor’s bills.
Customer service for residents.
Answering contractor’s requirements.
Achieving form no. 4, which allows the building to be housed, and housing it.
Answering any marketing needs throughout the project.