Kidron Wastewater Treatment Project

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Ayalon pumping station

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Reservoir and pumping station for Raanana treated wastewater

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Kfar-Saba Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Ra'anana wastewater facility

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The Beer Sheva Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Herzliya's Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Herzliya Hills

The project to rehabilitate municipal landfill and sludge in one of the last land reserves in Herzliya is a unique innovative project that combines advanced environmental technologies with earthworks and civil engineering.

The project was...

Tel Giborim park

As part of the Ministry of Transport's commitment to the residents, after the construction of the Ayalon South route, the amusement park park was established on the roof of the tunnel.

The park is the main meeting point for Tel Giborim...

Treated wastewater of Eilat

This project was built for the purpose of using the city of Eilat's treated wastewater for irrigating agricultural areas in the southern Aravah Desert, which are distributed along the Aravah road, about 36 kilometers from Eilat.

Construction waste transition site

This project is located close to the Holon Junction, beside the southbound Ayalon Highway. It is an authorized site for collecting construction waste from the city of Tel-Aviv and moving it to burial sites.

It replaces a non-authorized site...

Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tnuvot Wastewater Treatment Plant serves the towns and villages in the center of the Sharon region, and the city of Kalansawa.

As the plant was under construction, the original plan was changed and adapted to on-site conditions. The plant is...

Reservoir and pumping station for Ashkelon treated wastewater

Following the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon, and in order to operate it, a sealed reservoir with 100,000 cubic meters was constructed, with a pumping station and a 5 kilometer pipeline.

Ashkelon Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

A central Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Ashkeon, including a line from the city to the plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ashkelon was constructed in the midst of orchards, on the border of a natural reservation, north of...

Dimona wastewater facility

This facility was both planned and constructed by the company for the municipality of Dimona.

The plant was designed to treat the city's wastewater, including the wastewater of the Kitan Dimona factory, a volume of 11,000 cubic meters of...

Haifa Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant

Doubling the Haifa Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant, which treats a population of more than one million people.

The project includes a doubling of the size of the institute, an addition of advanced purification systems, filtration devices,...

Ashdod Central Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ashdod Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed to handle the city's wastewater, about 49,000 cubic meters per day.

The institute operates in the activated sludge method, and contains, among other things, energy saving systems, which make...