About Eldad Spivak

Eldad Spivak engages in the management, coordination and supervision of complex projects in civil engineering in Israel and abroad.

The company has been operating since 1971 and is managed by Eng. Eldad Spivak, who holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an M.Sc in Environmental Engineering.

Eldad Spivak was a member of the senior team of NOP 35, the State of Israel’s development plan for 2020 and the open plan for the Tel Aviv metropolis, including Tamam 5.

After the Versailles disaster, in setting the government and the standard of a senior project manager from the private sector, Eldad Spivak was appointed member of the narrow committee to implement the Zeiler Committee’s conclusions.

In 1996 Eng. Itay Spivak joined the management of the company and has since led many complex projects in the company.

The company employs approximately 80 people, of whom 70 are engineers with diverse expertise in environmental civil engineering, transportation, construction and more.

In addition to current operations, the company is engaged in providing engineering opinions to the courts, and as a professional arbitrator in disputes between the state and private entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and contractors.

Eldad Spivak manages various projects, such as: interurban roads, road / rail separation, sewage purification facilities, public buildings, metropolitan parks, industrial buildings, road and rail tunnels, and more.

The company’s work includes handling engineering structures, infrastructures and electromechanical systems for both public and private entrepreneurs.

The company has a wide and experienced professional team that successfully performs the tasks at its disposal, while maximizing the benefits of each team member. In the coming years, the company’s management aims to continue the ongoing trend of continuous learning and the search for advanced technologies in the implementation of projects while maintaining strict environment in which it deals.