Dan Region National Sewage Project

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Q Line restoration

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AY pumping station

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AY Sewage Line

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Beer Sheva's vacuum sewage line

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Herzliya drainage tunnel

Every winter, the Basa Area in Herzliya, located along the east side of the eolianite coastal limestone along Highway no. 2, would be flooded by the rain. The Municipality of Herzilya ordered a plan for a tunnel that would gather the rain water...

The Sgula Geha Sewage Collector Pipeline

A sewage collector pipeline for the Tel-Aviv metropolis wastewater, 2.5 km in length and 1.5 meters in diameter, was constructed in Petah-Tikva's Sgula Area.

The project was ordered by the Dan Regional Association for Environmental...

Ashdod vacuum pipeline

A main vacuum pipeline, 40 inches in diameter and 7 kilometers in length, was constructed, and a 50 meter bridge was built above the Lachish Stream, to allow the pipeline to cross the stream.

The unique bridge met the requirements of the...

pumping stations

As part of the East Collector Pipeline Project, three main sewage pumping stations were constructed. In order to ensure their proper function, two substations were constructed in each station, the second being a "mirror image" of the first.