E. Spivak Vision

In recent years there has been a significant development in the social perception of environmental issues in Israel and around the world.

Eldad Spivak has been involved in the field of environmental engineering for decades, and has always led the field in Israel.
The Company sees as a central objective for the coming years the continued development of the environmental field, the realization of new and advanced technologies and the adoption of alternative energy solutions.

Eldad Spivak specializes in setting up advanced sanitary systems – wastewater treatment plants (industrial and private), sewage treatment, pumping lines and pumping stations.
The Company will deepen its expertise in the use of green energy and will invest resources and knowledge to implement this use in the future.

Today, Eldad Spivak has a close relationship with the professional academic institutions in Israel. The company will continue to strengthen this connection by creating jobs for the graduates of the institutions and by expanding the existing mentoring project for the existing students.
In this framework, the company has strived to be a leading factor in improving the quality of planning and execution in the construction and infrastructure sector, using the most advanced tools, including the BIM method.